Since 1917

Wallace Bishop

About us and our history.


Company founder, Wallace Bishop learns his trade in Birmingham in the 20th century. Born from a prominent British jewellery family who made pieces for the aristocracy and wealthy clients all over the globe, Wallace’s talents were evident at an early age.

In 1897, he earned a 1st class pass with Honours, in London’s City of Guilds Exam in goldsmiths work as well as a bronze medal and 2nd prize from the Goldsmith’s company.

The Loyal Watch

Carl applied his keen business management brain to growing the business. Part of his strategy was an innovative marketing campaign to launch the Wallace Bishop Loyal Watch range in 1934. Sourced from Swiss components it is a remarkable and affordable timepiece for ladies and gents who live in the tropics. A Loyal watch came with the ‘Loyal Double Guarantee’ covering construction defects and accidental mishaps and cleaning. Wallace Bishop would repair, service, fit new glass and mainspring as often as a person could drop it, and ‘it wouldn’t cost a penny’. Here is the current range of watches in store today. They are sold with Wallace Bishop confidence as a leading timepiece.


Always an inventor and problem solver, Wallace develops and manufactures state of the art work benches to assist employees with their focused and precise work. He imports and makes new machinery to improve utility and efficiency.

By 1967 Wallace Bishop is the largest jewellery manufacturer in Queensland, employing more than 160 people across its retail and manufacturing arms.


Wallace Bishop Today

Stuart Bishop commences as CEO. Stuart continues to be a leader in the gem industry with his design and gem skills including leading sporting event trophies and the current SWB 100 collection in stores today commemorating the family’s industry role in the past, present and future.

As a proud Australian family-run business, Wallace Bishop now has over 50 stores and 500 employees and will continue to embrace and carry forward the century of legacy and traditions.