GIA-Certified Lab Grown Diamond Engagement Rings

GIA-Certified Lab Grown Diamond Engagement Rings



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Wallace Bishop is proud to offer GIA-certified lab diamonds, with the diamond held to the highest standards for excellence. The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) is a well-known non-profit organisation that evaluates and certifies gemstones, including lab-grown diamonds.

GIA is synonymous with the highest standards of gemological expertise and integrity. The standards for a GIA-certified gem are much stricter than those of an uncertified gem, which is why it comes at a premium.  GIA's certification is trusted globally for its rigorous and consistent grading process. The institute takes no stake in the proceeds from the diamond sale and checks for a long list of qualities, including cut grade, colour grade, and clarity grade. It's worth noting that the institute does not take any stake in the proceeds from the diamond sale.

What sets GIA-certified diamonds apart is their superior-graded cut, colour, and clarity. Our GIA-certified lab diamonds bear the prestigious seal, which is a testament to your diamond's exceptional quality and craftsmanship. This certification ensures that you are investing in a diamond of unparalleled brilliance.

Witness the alchemy and artistry of our GIA-certified collection, a tribute to timeless beauty and your commitment.

Lab Grown Diamond Engagement Ring FAQs

Lab-grown diamonds (also referred to as Synthetic Diamonds) are created through a controlled technological process. Distinguishing them from diamond simulants, Lab Grown Diamonds consist of the same material found in naturally occurring diamonds and exhibit identical chemical and physical properties.

With more than 100 years of experience in the jewellery industry, we remain committed to the values of traditional craftsmanship and quality across our range.

The introduction of Lab Grown Diamonds to Wallace Bishop is to provide those clients with a choice, combining our experience and quality with modern alternatives. We have collated a collection that uses high grade Lab Grown Diamonds with a higher colour and clarity than average and provide further confidence to clients with our GIA Certified Bridal pieces.

 We endeavour to always provide our clients with a choice and make available the best quality for value products to fulfil their dreams.

GIA is an acronym for the Gemological Institute of America which is an independent, nonprofit organisation, considered to be the world's most reputable and widely recognised diamond certification organisation and geological research institute. The GIA tests diamonds and grades them based on the 4 C's: carat weight, cut, colour, and clarity. GIA provides diamond grading reports that offer information about a diamond's quality and characteristics.

Therefore, the GIA certified lab grown diamonds are the top of the range for quality.

Yes, digital copies of the GIA Lab Grown Certificates are available upon request.

The entire Lab Grown Diamond collection is currently only available to purchase online.

To find your ring size, visit our Wallace Bishop Size Guide.

For 21 days after purchase you are eligible for a complimentary ring resizing up or down 1-2 sizes. After this time frame, the resizing will incur an extra cost.

To proceed with the complimentary resizing, organise with our friendly staff online through the customer service portal or visit your local Wallace Bishop store.

All of the Lab Grown Diamond Engagement Rings are made to order. We estimate that from the confirmation of your purchase until your order is dispatched, could take up to 4 weeks. If you have any enquiries or are needing to purchase urgently please contact our friendly online customer service team via the live chat.