General & Services FAQs

General & Services FAQs

Store Services

Where is my nearest Wallace Bishop store?

Use our Store Locator to find your nearest Wallace Bishop store.

What services do you offer in-store?

• Diamond and Bridal experts are in all of our stores
• We offer a custom jewellery design service in all of our stores
• Repairs and Restorations – we repair rings, chains, earrings, pendants and almost every other kind of jewellery.
• We also service and repair most watch brands and treasured items such as 19th century and antique jewellery, pocket watches, clocks and silverware.
• We offer jewellery cleaning in all of our stores
• Lay-by and payment options including accepting credit cards as well as Afterpay, ZIP and HUMM BNPL (buy now, pay later) for flexible purchasing
• Care Plans for Jewellery and Timepieces
• Gift cards for your convenience
• Certificates of Valuation
• Insurance replacement specialists are in all of our stores

To find out more, just visit one of our stores and talk with a Wallace Bishop jewellery or timepiece expert, contact us on free call 1800 804 040 or

Can I purchase a Care Plan?

The Wallace Bishop Jewellery Care Plan is supported by 100 years of jewellery expertise to protect your most treasured purchase.
Our exclusive Jewellery Care Plans are available in both 5 and 10-year packages, so you can choose the plan that suits you best.
Make sure you purchase your Care Plan when you are in your local Wallace Bishop store!

Can you do engravings and personalisation services?

Yes, we do offer an engraving and personsalisation service.

Do you do repairs and restoration services?

Yes, we offer repair and restoration services on Jewellery and Timepieces. Our services including ring sizing, re-clawing, gem setting, cleaning jewellery and watches, soldering and welding, polishing and finished, electronic watch time testing, watch repairs for most brands. Please take your item to your local Wallace Bishop store. They will provide an estimate and advise you of the approximate time it will take to repair and restore services you require.

Jewellery Repair Services

Do we do jewellery repairs, and how long does it take?

We do jewellery repairs and restorations. The time it takes depends on the type of repair or restoration. As an example, our ring resizing and chain repairs are usually completed and returned to our clients with 24 business hours. Visit your local Wallace Bishop store to discuss your jewellery repairs.

What type of jewellery repairs do we offer, and what is the cost?

We do all repairs, restorations, and custom bespoke jewellery-making services in our fully-equipped jewellery repair centre. Our specialists can create your dream piece of jewellery. All quotes include the cost of the repair, restoration or custom make service. If you have any jewellery requiring repair or restoration, please visit our specialists anytime at your local Wallace Bishop store.

Do we offer engraving (laser, crest and hand-engraving) and what is the cost?

We do offer engraving services—laser engraving at an additional cost. The setup cost is $40.00 for the first 5-letters plus $3.00 per extra letter—crest engraving, including digitizing, is $350.00. We also offer hand-engraving – the setup fee is $85.00 for the first 5-letters plus $7.00 per additional letter. Visit yourlocal Wallace Bishopto organize your engraving service.

If I have jewellery engraved, can it be returned?

Once your piece has been engraved, it cannot be returned under our 21-day change of mind policy. However, if for any reason your jewellery is faulty it may be returned according to our terms and conditions.

Jewellery Insurance Claims

Do you offer in-store insurance claims?

Our instore insurance consultants are at your service. Having jewellery lost, stolen or damaged is a traumatic experience, so it's good to know you've come to the right place for help. Wallace Bishop is a supplier to many insurance companies, and we have our own specialist insurance department with the experience and expertise to work with you and your insurance company to make the process of replacing your jewellery quick and easy.

Any time you purchase an item worth over $1,000 from Wallace Bishop, we will record your personal details and the details of your purchase. This information is kept on file and can be accessed by you at any time, should you need it. We recommend you provide your insurance company with a copy of your receipt of purchase.

How do I claim insurance?

What to do when you have a jewellery insurance claim:

Contact your insurance company to lodge your claim and obtain a claim number. Visit your nearest Wallace Bishop store to speak with the on-site insurance consultant who can help you complete your claim and provide you with a quote for the insured items.

Your claim will then be forwarded to our Insurance Division Manager who will liaise with your insurer and assessors on your behalf.

Once your claim is authorised, your Wallace Bishop insurance consultant will contact you about visiting the store to shop for your replacement jewellery.

Repairs & Restorations

Do you offer ring re-sizing?

Yes, If your favourite ring, or that gorgeous new bling, doesn't quite fit, we can re-size it just for you. We can add or remove metal to create the perfect fit, or even re-build the band to add extra life to an old favourite. In our workshop, we have the specialist equipment and qualified jewellers to ensure a perfect finish. With hundreds of rings resized on a weekly basis there is no job too challenging for our experts

Can you re-claw my ring?

Yes. Your precious diamonds and gems need to be set in the right mount to ensure they are secure. Over time, claws on jewellery can lose their integrity and wear down, and they need special attention to repair. In our workshop, we can rebuild the claws on your treasured rings to ensure the gems are kept securely in place, giving you peace of mind every time you wear them.

Can you reset or set my gem setting?

Yes. Gem setting is a fine art, mastered by only the most skilled jewellers. Setting a gem in a ring or piece of jewellery is all about ensuring the correct placement to achieve maximum brilliance and optimum beauty.

Are you able to clean my jewellery or watch?

Yes. Your watch or jewellery is like any precision item – it requires cleaning and maintenance to last a lifetime. Our workshop has the most advanced professional cleaning equipment to properly care for your treasured items. Whether we're carrying out major work, or simply cleaning and polishing, we can help maintain your special piece for a lifetime.

Do you offer soldering/welding services?

Yes. A jewellers craft takes years to perfect, requires special equipment and know-how to handbuild or repair your treasured pieces. The Wallace Bishop workshop is the largest in the Southern Hemisphere, so you can trust us to have the skills and equipment to bring your dream to reality, or your old favourite back to life.

Can you polish my jewellery?

Yes. For optimum beauty, jewellery needs to look its best all the time. So when it leaves our workshop, it will be buffed and polished to perfection, shining and radiant. Our finishing equipment is state-of-the-art and we have the jewellers dedicated to finishing your pieces to the highest possible standard. If your jewellery simply needs a bit of professional attention to bring back its shine, drop it in to our stores or workshop where this simple process will deliver an outstanding result.

Do you offer time testing for watches?

Yes. The Wallace Bishop workshop uses the latest Witschi testing equipment when working on your valuable timepiece. Witschi is a world leader in measuring and testing techniques for watch servicing. This specialist equipment allows us to test batteries, circuit consumption, rate, as well as time loss or gain. We’ll ensure your watch keeps you on time all the time.

I'd like my watch repaired, do you do that?

Yes. What really sets our workshop apart? At Wallace Bishop, we have the expertise and equipment to fully service your timepiece and we cater for most brands. We replace batteries, glass faces and seals, but what makes our service the very best, is our Electronic Time Testing (ETT) machinery. Every watch is rigorously tested using ETT before leaving our workshop to ensure the time-keeping is to the manufacturer's standard.

Looking for a repair, restoration or custom work? Contact Us


Does Wallace Bishop offer valuations?

Yes. Wallace Bishop specialise in valuations for insurance replacement. The value stated represents what it would cost to replace an equivalent article in the event of loss or burglary, either new from Wallace Bishop or a similar article in the second hand/ vintage/antique marketplace if available.

Wallace Bishop recommends you update your jewellery valuations every 2-3 years, depending on your individual insurance requirements. This will provide proof of ownership and assist in the quest for correct compensation should a claim arise.

Do valuations come with my purchase?

No, we don't offer valuations at the time of purchase however, this is a service we do provide and can prodivde separately.

What is the valuation process?

When we value a piece of jewellery it includes metal testing, gemstone identification, gemstone weight approximation and grading, and establishing the method of manufacture (eg. handmade, cast, machined).

Each valuation has a full description of the item, the monetary value of the piece and includes a colour photograph. We suggest you keep this valuation in a secure place so it’s easily accessible should you need to use it.

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What is your warranty?

At Wallace Bishop, we offer exclusive warranties on our Diamond and Jewellery products, including a special Extended Warranty.

Your Rights as A Consumer
Many of our products come with a guarantee or warranty from the manufacturer. In addition, they come with guarantees that cannot be excluded under the Australian Consumer Law.  You are entitled to a replacement or refund for a major failure and compensation for any other reasonably foreseeable loss or damage.  If the issue with the goods is not major, we will repair or replace the item.  If we do not do so within a reasonable time, you can choose to have the goods repaired or replaced.  You are entitled to a refund or exchange where goods are wrongly described or different from a sample shown to you.

Where applicable, we will meet our obligation to provide a remedy under the Australian Consumer Law.  Full details of your consumer rights may be found at

Standard Guarantee
a. Wallace Bishop offers a 12 month Guarantee from the date of purchase on jewellery against defects in material and / or workmanship and 6 months on repair work conducted in our workshop from the date of repair. The 12 month guarantee excludes all watches and giftware which are covered by the manufactures guarantee or warranty and selected fashion jewellery. For selected items with 3 month guarantee, please refer to the front of your receipt for details.

b. The costs of any repairs and maintenance carried out during the Standard Guarantee period, which are not the result of defects in material and/or workmanship, must be covered by the customer.

c. Any defects in material and/or workmanship that become evident during the Standard Guarantee validity period will be remedied by Wallace Bishop.  The form of remedy will be a repair, replacement or refund depending on whether the defect is a major or minor failure.

d. In order to claim a remedy under the Standard Guarantee the goods must be returned for assessment and accompanied by the original purchase receipt or other acceptable proof of purchase.

e. The Standard Guarantee does not include the following to the extent they are permitted in the relevant legislation;

i. Damage due to ordinary wear and tear,
ii. Damage due to misuse, accident, alteration, substitution or abuse,
iii. Repairs and alterations performed by someone other than Wallace Bishop,
iv. Theft, disappearance or loss (including loss of gem stones), and
v. Any type of use causing damage or deterioration.

f. Wallace Bishop reserves the right to judge whether the jewellery has been subject to any of the above mentioned exclusions.

g. White gold and some silver jewellery is rhodium plated to enhance its appearance. This plating is not permanent and can wear off during normal wear and tear, therefore rhodium plating is excluded from our Standard Guarantee due to wear and tear

h. When jewellery is replaced under Standard Guarantee, the new item of jewellery will automatically come with a new Standard Guarantee of twelve months from the date of replacement.

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