At Wallace Bishop we have a beautiful and diverse range of rings for every occasion. Our rings are bought as fashion statements or expressions of devotion, fidelity and eternity. When purchasing a ring it is important you choose a size which is comfortable and not restricting.
Understanding your ring size can be complicated, which is why we have designed the perfect guide to ease this process. 

Ring Size Guide

All women's and men's rings that are available for purchase come in three standard sizes as detailed below:

Measure the diameter of the finger on which you will wear the ring, then refer to the chart below to see the size you need.




Finger Measurement (mm)
Finger Size
Finger Measurement (mm)
Finger Size
16.0 K 19.2 S
17.2 N 20.4 V
18.4 Q 21.2 X


However, when purchasing a ring from Wallace Bishop we always want to make sure that it fits you perfectly. So if one of the above sizes is not perfect for you, your new ring can easily be re-sized by our master jewellers at our state-of-the-art workshop.

 Simply present your new ring and receipt at any Wallace Bishop store and we can discuss the options available to you.

By measuring the diameter of your chosen finger you can refer to the chart below to see what size you need:


Finger Measurement (mm)
Finger Size
Finger Measurement (mm)
Finger Size
12.8 C 13.2 D
13.6 E 14.0 F
14.4 G 14.8 H
15.2 I 15.6 J
16.0 K 16.4 L
16.8 M 17.2 N
17.6 O 18.0 P
18.4 Q 18.8 R
19.2 S 19.6 T
20.0 U 20.4 V
20.8 W 21.2 X
21.6 Y 22.0 Z


*These measurements are for rings up to 3mm in width. If the shank (base of the ring) of your new ring is 3mm to 6mm please add an additional half or full size to your finger size*
April 16, 2022