Colour Gemstone Engagement Rings

Colour Gemstone Engagement Rings



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London Blue Topaz Ring in 9ct Yellow Gold
Sale price$549.00 Regular price$799.00
Aquamarine Diamond Ballerina Ring in 9ct Yellow Gold
Sale price$1,299.00 Regular price$1,999.00
Aquamarine & 0.08 TW Diamond Ring in 9ct White Gold
Sale price$599.00 Regular price$899.00

High Quality Colour Gemstone Engagement Rings

A beautiful colour gemstone says more than words: it’s the strongest expression of your love and commitment for the special person in your life. All Wallace Bishop’s colour gemstone engagement rings are made with the highest quality stones and precious metals.

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We can create a design to suit every your desires. If you're looking for a specific metal type, we're certain we have an engagement ring set in yellow gold, white gold, or rose gold in either 9ct or 18ct for you. If you want a quality engagement ring that won’t break the bank, check out our diverse range of engagement rings on sale. Our extensive collection of engagement rings will have something right for you and your fiancée.

Frequently Asked Colour Gemstone Engagement Ring Questions

It is often perceived that engagement rings are synonymous with two things: overly enthusiastic sales girls and overly expensive price tags. Everywhere we go we are bombarded with messages about finding that ‘perfect ring’ and yet how do you know how much is the right amount to spend on the perfect ring? 

The engagement ring is just the first of many wedding related expenses so it’s important you buy an a ring you can reasonably afford. That having been said, an engagement ring is meant to last a lifetime as the eternal symbol of your love and commitment, so it should be of the highest quality.  

When it comes to buying an engagement ring for your fiancée, how do you achieve that perfect balance?

The amount you spend on an engagement ring should be based on what you can afford, not on traditional expectations. The sentiment and significance of the ring is more important than its cost. If your fiancée has small hands and a slight figure, a large expensive diamond may look disproportionate on them. Similarly, if your partner prefers wearing gold, there is no point in buying a platinum ring just because it costs more.

Generally throughout the western society, it is considered normal to wear an engagement and wedding ring on the fourth finger on the left hand.

The tradition of wearing an engagement ring on the fourth finger on the left hand can be traced back to the Ancient Romans. They believed this finger had a vein that ran directly to the heart, the Vena Amoris, meaning ‘vein of love’. With the heart at the centre of your emotions, this was thought to be the best finger to wear your engagement ring on.

An engagement ring is traditionally given to someone when they are proposed to. It is a symbol of the commitment between two people and signifies that they plan to get married in the future. A wedding ring is exchanged during the wedding ceremony, typically after exchanging vows. It is a symbol of marriage and the union of two people for life. An engagement ring typically features a diamond, while a wedding ring is generally simpler in design, with many people opting for a simple band.

Promise rings are typically used to signify a commitment of love and devotion in a relationship. An engagement ring is an official sign that the couple is engaged and planning to get married. A promise ring usually comes before an engagement ring and is used to signify that a commitment has been made between two people, while an engagement ring signifies that a proposal has been accepted and marriage is on the horizon. Shop our collection of promise rings here.

Absolutely! Men can and do wear engagement rings. It's a great way to show your commitment to the one you love and is becoming increasingly popular. There are many styles and types of rings available for men, so you can find something that fits both your style and budget. Watch out for ring sizes as men’s fingers tend to be larger than women’s so ensure you consult our Ring Size Guide.

The simplest way to clean an engagement ring is by using a mild dish soap. Allow the ring to soak for over 30 minutes to loosen up any persistent dirt and then rinse with fresh warm or hot water.

Our Diamond & Gold Jewellery Solution also works perfectly on engagement rings. Simply drop your ring in the solution, leave for 1 minute and rinse under fresh water.

It is recommended that you have your engagement ring inspected once every 6-12 months by a professional jeweller. This will help ensure that any wear and tear of the metal or gemstones is addressed in a timely manner before any further damage occurs.

Having your wedding ring sit below your engagement ring symbolizes that your marriage is built upon the foundation of your engagement. On the other hand, having your wedding ring sit on top of your engagement ring signifies that your marriage is now the most important part of your life. Ultimately, it’s a personal preference and you should choose whichever option makes you feel more comfortable.

It’s important to make sure that both rings are designed with similar metals and styles so they can fit together properly. Additionally, you should make sure both rings have enough space between them to prevent damage or scratching over time. You can ask a jeweller for advice if you’re unsure about compatibility between two pieces.