Built to Withstand the Toughest Conditions

What sets Mudmaster apart from its G-SHOCK siblings is its sheer ability to shrug off elements that would normally hinder or destroy lesser watches. The collection is designed to endure mud, water, shock, and even high altitudes ā€” a jack-of-all-trades built for extreme adventurers. Mud-resistant construction ensures that nothing gets inside the watch, even when you're elbow-deep in muck.


G-SHOCK Adventurer Pack

Gear up for the ultimate adventure! šŸžļø Receive a free G-SHOCK Adventurer Pack with any purchase of the new G-SHOCK Mudmaster watch (1NWG001, 1NWG002, 1NWG003).

The adventurer pack includes two waterproof camping bags (3L and 10L), an enamel mug, and a compact survival tool with over 10 tools! Limited-time offer, while gift with purchase stock last.


G-Shock Mudmaster

Durability, precision, and utility are not optional features in tactical gear; they are required. That's why the G-SHOCK Mudmaster Collection is designed to be your indispensable companion, capable of withstanding the most gruelling environments.