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Loyal Watches : Our Top Picks!

Welcome to our Loyal top picks list! In this blog we have ranked our favourite Loyal watches from 1st to 5th, to help you decide which incredible timepiece to add to your collection.
Welcome to our Loyal top picks list! In this blog we have ranked our favourite Loyal watches from 1st to 5th, to help you decide which incredible timepiece to add to your collection.

Loyal was founded in 1934 by then Wallace Bishop CEO, Carl Bishop, exclusively sold through Wallace Bishop stores. Loyal has stayed ahead of time by offering premium quality and stylish timepieces at a competitive price. Designed to last in harsh Australian conditions, with up to a 5-year warranty on some models giving you confidence and exceptional value. Read our top picks collections below to find the perfect watch for you.

Our Top 5 Picks

1. Loyal Adventurer Sport Men's 41.50mm Watches

Ranking first is our extraordinary new Men's Loyal Adventurer Sport Collection. This collection features gorgeous dial with a diameter of 41.50mm. The case and bracelet vary in a range of colours to suit your style.
The Loyal Adventure Sport Men's Watch Offers a fresh take on a modern classic, drawing inspiration from luxury and sport. Built in heavy construction for durability yet preserving a robust and sleek look.


2. Loyal Enigma Women's Dress Watches

In second place are the beautiful women's Loyal Enigma collection. The divine design of these watches guaranteed the collection's top pick ranking. 
The Enigma range is Loyal's premium range which focuses on everlasting style and elegance. These watches exude charm and style through the chic beauty of this design. Available in three different colours, these watches are sure to catch eyes and elevate your style.

3. Loyal Adventurer Men's Gold Plated Quartz Chronograph Watch

Coming in third we have the Men's Loyal Adventurer collection. The attractively detailed dial and contrast of colours makes this watch a showstopper!

Watches communicate style, personality and luxury. This stunning and flexible Loyal watch is from the Adventurer range. Featuring a gorgeous black & gold dial, quartz chronograph and rubber band, this watch makes the ideal gift for a daring, confident and venturesome man. 


Loyal Adventurer Men's Gold Plated Quartz Chronograph Watch 


4. Loyal Women's Enigma Gold PVD Quartz Dress Watch Champagne Dial

The delightful Loyal Enigma Gold PVD Quartz Watch places fourth on our top picks list. There is no denying that this alluring watch is a must have for any woman. The attractive and simplistic design of this watch is what make is such an essential piece. The modern palette encompasses the sophisticated champagne watch face detailing. This watch is guaranteed to compliment any social event.


Loyal Enigma Women's Gold PVD Quartz Dress Watch


5. Loyal Enigma Flower Women's 36mm Quartz Watches

Introducing our 5th pick, the new Women’s Loyal Enigma range. The colourful, patterned dials in this range are truly spectacular and unparalleled. The outstanding dial pairs beautifully with the sleek and fine watch bracelet. The Loyal Enigma collection is made from premium materials to further increase the longevity and the presence watch. The Women’s Loyal Enigma range is designed for an exceptional woman of class.

Although we have listed our top 5 picks, we stock a vast range of Loyal watches guaranteed to suit your needs and wants.

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