the new prx collection

A throwback to a flagship design from the 1970s, the Tissot PRX is an essential timepiece with an integrated case and striking bracelet. The chunky bezel an
integrated bracelets encapsulate the iconic glitz and glamour of the '70s.

tissot prx

35mm Blue Dial Stainless Steel

In 1978 the Tissot PRX was born, and to celebrate its comeback, the new PRX and for those with passion for design and an eye for ingenuity.

tissot prx

40mm Gold PVD

The collection reinterprets a historic model, deeply rooted in today's design cues of the elegant sportswatch. This remarkable timepiece is manufactured with a high level of finish.

tissot prx

40mm Silver Dial Stainless Steel

Discover its evocative and slim design makes it an uncompromising essential for all the design enthusiasts.