The Race Never Stops

The TAG Heuer Carrera is steeped in history, so it would be easy to cling to its post. But the ageless collection inspired fresh thinking. A progressive mindset, drawn from its fast and furious racing roots. It pushes the limits and breaks new ground. Thar's why, to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the TAG Heuer Carrera, TAG Heuer is launching a special film that captures both the nostalgia and pioneering spirit of the collection. Presenting "The Chase for Carrera" starring superstar and TAG Heuer ambassador Ryan Gosling, and actress Vanessa Bayer. In collaboration with movie director David Leitch, this film is an action-packed, wall-to-wall entertainer. Measured and made to Hollywood standards, it's loaded with crazy stunts, car chases, rushes of adrenaline, and dollops of humour. The film is further elevated by delightful easter eggs, each one is a nod to the history and heritage of the TAG Heuer Carrera. Can you spot the references?

Did you recognise Jacqueline Evans Lopez, the 1st woman to have ever raced the Panamericana by her own means?

On the Hotel door you can read the number 63, an echo to the year 1963, when Jack Heuer created the first Heuer
Carrera chronograph. By focusing on functionality and legibility, Jack inspired a collection that continues to conquer the hearts of racing drivers, motorsport fans, and collectors everywhere.

Leonarda is Jack Heuerā€™s wife with whom he will celebrate his 60th wedding anniversary in 2023.

The chase against the clock begins as soon as Ryan presses the chronograph to challenge himself and ends when he presses the pusher again, as he thinks he won the chase. This precise and legible chronograph was Carreraā€™s real innovation in the 60ā€™s and what made it a driverā€™s favourite over years.

Did you notice the reference to the iconic Le Mans starts, when Ryan runs to the Porsche? When the start flag dropped, drivers had to run across the track to their cars which were parked on the other side.

When Ryan speeds into the Studio 6 during its chase, we can overview a man dressed as Jack Heuer in the seventies.

And that is not all. The boxes behind him are large sized replicas of the actual Heuer watch boxes from the seventies.

In the background of the studio, you can spot a vintage Panamericana posters. The TAG Heuer Carrera was named after this legendary race, considered to be the ultimate test of endurance. In 1963, the race inspired Jack Heuer to take the name Carrera and turn it into an equally legendary watch collection.