Swiss-made luxury watches, Frédérique Constant's classic watch collections are high-quality with an affordable price tag. Founded in 1988 Frederique Constant like to keep their lineup modern and unique.


Frédérique Constant Classic Men's 40mm Gold PVD Automatic Watch FC-303NV5B4

Through their watches, Frederique Constant aims to make horological elitism a thing of the past. The brand believes in making luxury accessible to all people, while still maintaining its high-end appeal and high standards. 

Frédérique Constant uses cutting-edge computer software, principally computer aided design software, to assist in the watch design and development process.
Already in the early 18th century, Geneva became known as a major center for the creation and production of fine timepieces. Since then, the Genevan watchmakers have risen to unparalleled heights in the Art of Horology. The first users of timekeepers were astronomers who were responsible for the most significant inventions: the pendulum clock and the watch balance spring.

Frédérique Constant Men's Stainless Steel Chronometer Sport Watch Silver Dial FC-303S4NH6





Frédérique Constant Men's Stainless Steel Automatic Sport Watch Green Dial FC-345HGRS5B6


 This Frederique Constance sport watch features a stunning green dial with the dimension of 44mm. The watch is made with stainless steel and features a sleek leather strap. This automatic watch makes a perfect everyday watch sure to suit any social event.


Frédérique Constant Women's Stainless Steel Automatic Sport Watch Silver Diamond Dial

The women's Frédérique Constant is the perfect accessory for any look. The watch has a 34mm silver diamond dial and is a sport style. It has an automatic movement and is made with stainless steel.




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April 09, 2022