New Premium Bridal Collection | Amāre - Wallace Bishop

New Premium Bridal Collection | Amāre

The Amāre collection is Wallace Bishop's most premium collection to date. Crafted in platinum the designs are a simplistic and modern take on classic styling. The soft edge design is a strong DNA thread of this collection and has been used to spotlight our premium GH VS2-SI2 certified diamonds which have been hand selected for this collection. There are six exceptional ring designs available in the Amāre collection.

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Amāre – Latin for love; fall in love – Wallace Bishop is delighted to debut our most premium collection to date Amāre, as Australia's only jeweller to showcase a diamond collection of double certifications.


The collection showcases six immaculate handpicked diamond engagement and wedding rings that gracefully express your passion in every direction.

Crafted in platinum the designs are a simplistic and modern take on classic styling. The soft knife-edge design is a strong DNA thread of this collection and highlighted by the premium GH VS2-SI2 diamond's Brilliance, Fire, and Sparkle.



Amāre redefines elegance with light-capturing diamonds paired with modern styles - The focus is simple yet exceptional - your beauty, your diamond.



Amāre Solitaire set in Platinum

Love. Four simple letters, one magnificent ring. Elegantly express your love with an iconic Platinum Diamond Solitaire ring. A combination of Brilliance, Fire and Sparkle, this piece is a true masterpiece and the crowning jewel of our Amāre collection.


Amāre Halo set in Platinum


Live brightly and cast light in every direction with this halo of luminescent diamonds. Set in platinum, this modern design embraces a classic style which is only heightened by its exceptional Brilliance, Fire and Sparkle.


Amāre Three Stone set in Platinum

Fall in love all over again with our radiant Diamond Three Stone ring. This design features three round brilliant diamonds in our modern platinum setting. Dancing in the light, this piece is a meaningful representation of the past, present, and future and is further enhanced by its Brilliance, Fire and Sparkle.


Amāre Five Stone set in Platinum

Indulge in a diamond as rare as your love with our Five Stone Platinum ring. Encrusted with five breath-taking diamonds, each handpicked with generous Brilliance, Fire, and Sparkle, this ring truly embodies an all-consuming love.


Amāre Platinum Wedding Bands

Designed with intricate knife-edges, these platinum bands are the perfect complement to the Amāre engagement ring. 



 Every Amāre diamond is unique. Two diamonds of ideal proportions, with the same colour and clarity grade, can have significantly different Light Performance or beauty. The more light a diamond is able to reflect with its many facets, the brighter it shines. 

Through the GemEx Live Report, you can find a specific diamond and view the diamond's Brilliance, Fire, and Sparkle in real light conditions. GemEx Diamonds Light Performance Certificate is the only certificate to quantify and qualify a diamond's beauty.

Learn more about Diamond Light Performance and GemEx Certification.