Beyond Time - a totally new take on charms.

Exclusive only to Wallace Bishop online.

Each beautiful charm is handcrafted to resonate with the timeless qualities of strong women everywhere. Free-forming and poetic, each charm feels really special to the touch and carries a unique vibration that lets women connect to their daily essence and our shared destiny.

Women of all ages can easily interchange charms between necklaces and bangles, or let them dangle proudly from earlobes on hoop earrings.

Beyond Time is effortlessly elegant because they feel great as we go about our workday, they look perfectly at home while on a road trip and make for a delightful discovery on a romantic evening out. 

Discover the Beyond Time charms!

Sterling Silver & Gold Plated Magnesite Drop Charm SHOP NOW

Sterling Silver & Gold Plated Flower Charm SHOP NOW

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59mm Sterling Silver & Gold Plated Bangle SHOP NOW


August 18, 2021