Bluebird of Happiness® New Spring Collection - Wallace Bishop

Bluebird of Happiness® New Spring Collection

Wallace Bishop’s Bluebird of Happiness®, is inspired not only by the little Bluebirds symbolic meaning but also by our history of manufacturing Bluebird Brooches.

 After WWII, as a symbol of peace, Wallace Bishop & Son designed and manufactured a top-selling Bluebird of Happiness brooch in sterling silver with a beautiful radiant blue enamel. This brooch was a gift to thousands of children, intended to bring the happiness of the Bluebird into their lives.

Wallace Bishop encourages you to let your love sore with our Bluebird of Happiness bridal range. Inside each band, behind each pendant and earring is our Bluebird, which we hope will bring happiness, harmony and good luck to your journey, now and forever.

Bluebird of Happiness® by Wallace Bishop

Let Love Take Flight

There is a timeless connection between the bluebird and love. A union that has inspired artists and creators for centuries.

Now, this symbol of hope and harmony graces Wallace Bishop’s beautiful bridal collection.

Inside each band and behind each pendant is an enduring reminder of your bond. Just as the bluebird is embedded in every piece, love will leave an indelible print on every day forward.

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New Blue Topaz & Diamond Set

A stunning engagement ring. A pendant for your “something blue”.

And earrings for an all-important anniversary. The Bluebird of Happiness™ matching set is designed to weave delight into every milestone.

Blue Topaz evokes love and fidelity,
bringing wisdom and loving hues into a timeless collection.



Bluebird of Happiness®

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The Bluebird of Happiness I send to you today

He brings you all my love as he hurries on his way

May his song fill your heart as it was meant to be

And every time you hear it you will think of me


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